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Interested in making your money work for you? Trust your money in my hands and I will make it grow before your eyes. Signed: The Banker.
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The banker is technically a shop, yet it lacks a stand. It's simply a man named Edward. The Banker is purchased at the Town Board. Once purchased, Will can invest some of his money to him in hopes that it will grow. However, investments are a risk, and there is a chance that the player will lose money.

Investing Money[]

Every Sunday morning (the 7th, 14th, 21st, and 28th day of a month), the player can visit the banker to invest money. If the player visits him on other days, he will say that he is busy and that the player needs to wait a certain number of days before contacting him again. However, if it is a Sunday morning, then the player can give the banker a minimum of 1000 gold for him to invest. The player cannot change or cancel the amount of money they invest after they confirm the investment.

After investing, the player can check with the banker every morning to see how much profit (or loss) has been accrued. At any point during the week, the player can 'cash out', gaining back their investment plus the profit (or minus the loss) which has accrued. The player is able to see by what percent their money has increased or decreased. The percentages shown are an increase or decrease from the starting amount of money invested and not from the previous day. For example, if yesterday it showed a 12% increase and today shows a 4% decrease, then that 4% decrease is from the starting money, not from the 12% increase of yesterday. There are 3 profit days and 3 loss days per week. After cashing out, the player will have to wait for the next Sunday before being able to make another investment.

Be careful in deciding when to 'cash out'. The total amount of money made (or lost) can fluctuate wildly every day, and it's generally safer to cash out once a nice profit has been made, rather than hoping for a higher monetary increase, later in the week. However, this decision is subject to the player's preference.

The pattern of profits and losses each week stays the same for the entire month, starting with the investment on the 28th day of the month, and the subsequent 7th, 14th, and 21st days. If one really wants to be safe, he can invest the minimum 1000 gold and waiting until the last day to cash out to reveal the pattern for the next three investments. Thus, one can know exactly when they should cash out for the next three weeks.