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The Big Sword is one of the weapon types in the game Moonlighter.

it is a high damage weapon with wide swings and an AoE special attack. It also reaches nearly as far as the spear, and nearly as wide as the Sword and Shield. The trade off is that it's also the slowest weapon to swing in the game and also confers a speed penalty when equipped. With wide swings and a lot of power, it's the best weapon at killing and keeping a large number of enemies at bay.

Will cannot move during his special charge, but it charges fairly quickly.

As for pairing, with the weapon swap trick the Swords and Shields and the Gloves make excellent combo weapons to allow the third hit of the Big Sword to come out faster. The Bows also helps deal with faster enemies at range. Due to having roughly the same reach as the Spears, that makes a poor pairing.

Normal Attack:

  • Hit 1: A wide slash that arcs in front of Will.
  • Hit 2: A wider slash then Hit 1 coming from the opposite direction.
  • Finisher: A wide slash going the same direction as Hit 1. This hit moves Will nearly twice as far as the other hits.

Special Attack:

After a brief charge, Will swings the sword around himself in a full circle. This move hits for double damage and can hit twice per charge. Will has invincibility while swinging. He will not take any damage, and will not trigger breakable floors if pushed onto them.


  • Each enchantment requires 3 Empowering Crystals
  • It costs 1,000 gold to enchant the Training Big Sword (3,000 gold total and 9 Empowering Crystals to get to "+++")
  • It costs 16,000 gold to enchant a Tier 1 weapon (48,000 gold total to get to "+++")
  • It costs 32,000 gold to enchant a Tier 2 weapon (96,000 gold total)
  • It costs 64,000 gold to enchant a Tier 3 weapon (192,000 gold total)
  • It costs 128,000 gold to enchant a Tier 4 weapon (384,000 gold total)

List of Big Swords[]

Note that all Big Swords have a -10 Speed penalty while equipped.

Weapon Name Tier Base Damage Damage + Damage ++ Damage +++ Path Special
Training Big Sword.png Training Big Sword 0 25 32 39 46
Buster Big Sword.png Buster Big Sword 1 62 86 110 134 Top
Rock Big Sword.png Rock Big Sword 1 50 74 98 122 Bottom Stun
Wild Big Sword.png Wild Big Sword 2 185 210 235 260 Top
Toxic Big Sword.png Toxic Big Sword 2 135 160 185 210 Bottom Poison
Vulcan Big Sword.png Vulcan Big Sword 3 310 336 362 388 Top
Blaze Big Sword.png Blaze Big Sword 3 215 241 267 293 Bottom Burn
Fusion Big Sword.png Fusion Big Sword 4 500 531 562 593 Top
Storm Big Sword.png Storm Big Sword 4 375 406 437 468 Bottom Shock

Between Dimensions DLC[]

The Between Dimensions DLC adds 5 new big swords to the game. These become available to craft after defeating the boss of the Unknown Dungeon, with their recipes located below the other big swords.

Icon Weapon Name Base Damage
Ragnarok Big Sword.png Ragnarok Big Sword 775
Ragnarok Big Sword II 1200
Ragnarok Big Sword III 1860
Ragnarok Big Sword IV 2886
Ragnarok Big Sword V 4473

Related achievements[]

Icon Name Description
Heavy Warrior.jpg Heavy Warrior Craft All Big Swords

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