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Moonlighter features a boss in the end of every dungeon. These bosses are considerably more difficult than regular Enemies. Each boss can only be beaten once in any single play through. Should you return to the boss room after you have defeated them, the room will instead be filled with enemies like a regular room with three chests sinking into slime, each at a different rate.

List of Bosses[]

Name Description Culture
Golem King The Guardian of the Golem Dungeon Golem Culture
Carnivorous Mutae The Guardian of the Forest dungeon. Forest Culture
Naja The Guardian of the Desert dungeon. Desert Culture
Energy Flux The Guardian of the Tech dungeon Tech Culture
Last Dimensional Pirate The boss of the Unknown/5th Door dungeon None
Enraged Wanderer The boss of the Wanderer dungeon

Related achievements[]

Icon Name Description
Janitor.jpg Janitor Kill all bosses with the broom

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