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Disambig.png This article is about the regular game version of this item. For the New Game + version, see Broom Spear +1.
Broom Spear
Broom Spear.png
A tool with one, simple purpose. To clean. At least, that is if held in untrained hands.
~ Description

Broom Spear is a tier 0 weapon. It is a Tier 0 weapon and is the starting weapon used by Will. If you are Achievement hunting, you may wish to keep it around as it is used for the Janitor achievement.

Crafting & Acquisition

Crafting & Acquisition
Drops From
Unknown if this drops from a monster.
Lootable From
Unknown if this item is looted from anything.
Other Given at the start of the game.

Used to Craft

This item is not currently used to craft anything.


Damage Increase
Base +6
+ +5 speed
++ +10 speed
+++ +15 speed

Selling & Reactions

Low Popularity.png Neutral Popularity.png High Popularity.png
Cheap 32 Gold.png 44 Gold.png 44 Gold.png
Perfect 41 Gold.png 55 Gold.png 68 Gold.png
Expensive 43 Gold.png 58 Gold.png 70 Gold.png
Overpriced 44+ Gold.png 59+ Gold.png 71+ Gold.png
Merchant Mirror 12-18 Gold.png

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