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Carnivorous Mutae
Carnivorous Mutae.png
Spawns in
Forest Dungeon
Appears on
Floor 4
A massive, bulbous plant with thorny vines and a pink and purple flower.


Compared to the Golem King fight, the Carnivorous Mutae has a few more tricks up its sleeves that make it a much more difficult boss, as it utilizes spawns and poison to hinder the player. It's recommended that you have tier II weapons and armor as well as a full stack of 5 HP Potion II before the fight.

The avenues for attack are as follows:

  • It plants spore-spitting carnivorous plants that will fire projectiles at the player to disrupt the fight. These can be killed off and it is recommended to avoid further bullet hell in the boss arena.
  • The boss becomes immobile and plants itself, causing root spikes to sprout up from beneath the player. This follows the player's movements for a few seconds, so keep on the move and keep rolling. You also can stand leftmost or rightmost the arena, as the roots aren't able to hit you there.
  • Occasionally the plant will jump up and attempt to crush the player if they get too far away. Roll to dodge the massive hitbox.
  • If you get too close to the bulb part, it will swipe out with its vines. May poison Will on touch.

As the boss has no real way to effectively damage you at a distance, it's a relatively simple fight with an upgraded bow. After taking care of the plants it spawns with a melee weapon, it's easiest to stand afar and shoot the plant down, as it's incredibly slow-moving aside from its jumping attack, and there are no major line of sight blockers in the arena. One good weapon in this fight is the Rusty Shortsword and Shield, which stuns the boss when you get close enough to melee it. The vines that swipe around the boss can also be used to damage and even destroy the spore turrets. It is best to use a big sword and spear as your weapons.


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