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Items, also referred to as "artifacts", are found in Dungeons throughout the game. Moonlighter is all about the items. There is no “level progression” so having powerful equipment will be the only way to beat the game. Choosing what to keep, what to sell, what to upgrade, and selling the items at the right price will be crucial.

Each item has a base price which is initially unknown by the player. When an item is first picked an entry about it is added to a merchant notebook that Will carries with partial info about the object, resembling the current knowledge that Will has about the object.

All items belong to a culture, linked to each of the dungeons. The player will know more about an item as he obtains more items from that specific culture. All items which are part of the same culture will look alike, so it will be easy for the player to associate them. As the player knows more about the items of a culture, it will get easier for him to set the “perfect” price on the shop.

When selling items, paying attention to customers' expressions will let you know what they think about the current price of the item.

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Related achievements[]

Icon Name Description
Decorative Mind.jpg Decorative Mind Buy all decorative Items
Evil Merchant.jpg Evil Merchant Sell 20 items slightly overpriced
Good Merchant.jpg Good Merchant Sell 20 items for the perfect price
Naive Merchant.jpg Naive Merchant Sell 40 items really cheap
Wastefull Merchant.jpg Wasteful Merchant Buy more than 10 items on Le Retalier

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