Moonlighter Wiki

Crafting is one of the crucial parts of the game Moonlighter.

Moonlighter has a crafting and enchanting system that is key for player progression. By dealing with the other merchants in town, Will can craft new armor and weapons, and enchant existing equipment. To craft/upgrade/enchant equipment, some specific items and large amounts of gold will be required.

Upgrading and Enchanting will result in more powerful equipment, some of them with special features, adding a great deal of flexibility to the way the equipment is used. Players can view the exact recipe when talking to each vendor, or by looking at the individual pages here on the wiki. Also, there is a Wish List in the game that allows the player to add exact items to it (craftable ones like armor and weapons) in order to mark all of the materials obtained with a little star in the upper left corner of an item in the slot.