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Crafting materials are items you can find in Dungeons that are used to craft an item. Below is a list of all items used to craft gear or other items, along with the dungeon they drop from. Click an item to see what it is used to make!

Dungeon Item NG+ Item
Golem Dungeon Broken Sword, Fabric, Foundry Rests, Golem Chisel, Hardened Steel, Iron Bar, Rich Jelly, Root, Rune Tool, Teethstone, Vine, Water Sphere, Whetstone Broken Sword +1, Fabric +1, Foundry Rests +1, Golem Chisel +1, Hardened Steel +1, Iron Bar +1, Rich Jelly +1, Root +1, Rune Tool +1, Teethstone +1, Vine +1, Water Sphere +1, Whetstone +1
Forest Dungeon Ancient Wood, Magic Wood, Old Bulb, Preserved Root, Pure Acid, Rich Jelly, Straw, Strong Leaves, Venom Jelly Ancient Wood +1, Magic Wood +1, Old Bulb +1, Preserved Root +1, Pure Acid +1, Rich Jelly +1, Straw +1, Strong Leaves +1, Venom Jelly +1
Desert Dungeon Desert Rope, Desert Steel Ingot, Fire Gem, Fire Jelly, Fireproof Cloth, Flammable Dust, Insulating Dust, Magnetite, Rich Jelly, Thermo Magnetic Engine Desert Rope +1, Desert Steel Ingot +1, Fire Gem +1, Fire Jelly +1, Fireproof Cloth +1, Flammable Dust +1, Insulating Dust +1, Magnetite +1, Rich Jelly +1, Thermo Magnetic Engine +1
Tech Dungeon Conductor Metal, Copper Reel, Electric Jelly, Gold Strands, Rich Jelly, Treated Wood, Triple Cell Battery, Welding Gun, Wires, Wolfram Rock Conductor Metal +1, Copper Reel +1, Electric Jelly +1, Gold Strands +1, Rich Jelly +1, Treated Wood +1, Triple Cell Battery +1, Welding Gun +1, Wires +1, Wolfram Rock +1