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Curses are effects that are attached to certain items found in chests. These will affect how and where you will place an item in your inventory. Some curses are negative, while others are positive; some also affect other nearby items. Positive curses are often found in higher-rarity chests, while negative curses are found in low-rarity chests. Items that are cursed have a small red square on the top right side of the item, with an arrow pointing at where the curse will affect other items if it does.

Negative Curses[]

Horizontal Positional Curse.pngSide-Side / Vertical Positional Curse.pngTop-Bottom: This curse will limit the placement of an item on the side of or the top/bottom of your inventory, respectively. These curses are marked with two parallel lines on the sides or the top and bottom of the box.

Unknown Curse.pngUnknown: This curse will hide whatever item it is until you teleport back home or remove it with another curse. The item with this curse are always in stacks of 4, and items that are unknown cannot be stacked with other items that are also unknown. This curse is represented with a question mark on the box, and the item itself will be hidden behind a parchment with a red question mark.

Crush Curse.pngCrush: This curse will destroy the entire stack of wherever it's pointing at when you return to town. This curse is marked with a hammer on the box, with an arrow pointing to which slot whose contents will be destroyed.

Fragile Curse Gif.gifFragile: This curse will destroy the item if you take too many hits. Any and all damage taken counts as a hit (how much damage taken isn't accounted for); this includes damage from status effects (poison, burn, etc) and from falling into a pit. This curse is marked with a picture of a broken glass in the box, with a bar to the left of the glass showing the durability of the item that grows smaller as you take more damage.

Dimensional Slime Curse.pngDimensional Slime: Introduced with the Between Dimensions DLC, this curse only appears on certain items found in the Wanderer Dungeon, and always the same ones. These items will be destroyed on leaving the dungeon.

Positive Curses[]

Items afflicted with positive curses will only ever contain a single item in the stack.

Dispel Curse.pngRemove: This curse will remove the curse from an item that it's pointing to. It will only take effect when you put it in your inventory, and when a stack of item with a curse is placed in where its pointing at, it will remove that item's curse, making it a regular item. The curse will not take effect if the item placed in the direction its pointing at isn't cursed. This curse only works once, and after removing a curse, the item will become a regular item. This curse is marked with a circle and a line slashing through it in the box, with an arrow pointing to where it will take effect.

Home Curse.pngHome: This curse will send a stack of items to the first secondary chest (the topmost chest on the left side of the 'home' section of your shop). This curse will only take effect when its in your inventory, and as soon as a stack of item is placed on where it's pointing at. This curse will not teleport itself when it takes effect, and will only work once, after which it will become a regular item. This curse is marked with a house in the box, with an arrow pointing to where it will take effect.

Transmute Curse.pngSwap: This curse will swap an entire stack of items to itself when you leave the dungeon. Should the stack of the item exceed the maximum stack amount of the item with the swap curse, the item will be lost. For example, item A has the swap curse, and its maximum stack is 5. If the stack of item B that its pointing at has 7 items in the stack, when you return to town, the whole stack will turn into 5 item A, with the other 2 lost. This curse is marked with a small box pointing to another small box in the box, with an arrow pointing to which stack the curse will take effect in. This curse will not be activated if you place items in a Green Chest in the chest room to send home.

Tips and Tricks[]

  • Should the item with the Unknown curse be an item used to craft something in your wish list, the star marking in the top left corner will still be there. Use this to guess what item it is.
  • When moving a stack of items with the Unknown curse, make sure you move the entire stack at once. If you don't, you won't be able to combine the items again (since you can't combine two items with the Unknown curse, even if they happen to be the same item), resulting in it taking up more space.
  • The Crush curse can be negated by placing the item to the edge of your inventory, with the arrow pointing outside the inventory.
  • By carefully choosing which item to use the Remove curse on, you can stack that item with another stack of the same item, except uncursed. This will allow you to haul more items home.
  • When choosing which stack to send home with the Home curse, try to send items whose stacks are full or close to full.
  • Be careful you don't accidentally remove the curse of the wrong item or send the wrong item home. The curses will take effect as soon as they're in your inventory. If you don't want to use it immediately, place it in the edge of your inventory, with the arrow pointing outside the inventory.
  • When using the Positive Curses, the stack of items can be picked up one at a time to get more uses of the curse. Make sure you have enough inventory space to use this, because once the item has been picked up it can no longer be stacked back onto the curse item stack.

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