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Desert Dungeon is one of the Dungeons in the game Moonlighter. It is the third Dungeon.

This dungeon contains three floors followed by the Desert Guardian boss fight. Once the Desert Guardian has been defeated for the first time, the Tech Dungeon will be opened to the player.

Occasionally, a single room of the Tech Dungeon may spawn, allowing players to collect some higher valued items.


Appearance Monster Description Dungeon Desert Drops
Baby Fire Slime.png Baby Fire Slime Desert Rich Jelly, Fire Jelly
Bard Puppet.png Bard Puppet Desert Bard Puppet Egg, Fire Gem, Flammable Dust, Diamagnetic Sand
Cloth Tangle.png Cloth Tangle A variation of the Tangle wearing a piece of Fireproof Cloth over its body. Desert Fireproof Cloth, Flammable Dust, Diamagnetic Sand
Corrupted Hexa.png Corrupted Hexa A flying box that warps Desert Desert Steel Ingot, Chilled Lava, Fire Gem, Fireproof Cloth
Fire Puppet.png Fire Puppet Desert Fire Gem, Diamagnetic Sand, Flammable Dust, Fireproof Cloth
Fire Slime.png Fire Slime A large slime that can engulf you. Desert Rich Jelly, Fire Jelly
Gold Mimic.png Gold Mimic A mimic that pretends to be a Gold Chest until you approach it or attack it. All Mimic Egg, HP Potion III
Hexa.png Hexa Desert Chilled Lava, Fireproof Cloth, Thermo Magnetic Engine, Desert Steel Sheet, Magnetite
Iron Mimic.png Iron Mimic A mimic that pretends to be a Iron Chest until you approach it or attack it. All Mimic Egg, HP Potion III, Thermo Magnetic Engine, Desert Steel Ingot
Katamari Golem.png Katamari Golem A giant rolling golem that resembles a stone soccer ball. Desert Desert Steel Sheet, Magnetic Core, Magnetite, Insulating Dust
Lava Catapult.png Lava Catapult A dodecahedron that moves surprisingly fast and can open up to shoot globs of lava. Desert Magnetic Core, Magnetite, Volcanic Stone, Desert Steel Sheet
Magician Puppet.png Magician Puppet Desert Fire Gem, Desert Rope, Flammable Dust, Diamagnetic Sand
Mother Golem.png Mother Golem Desert Mother Golem Egg, Volcanic Stone
Naja.png Naja A giant stone "snake" with a pointed head and a segmented body. Desert High Levitation Core, Naja Jottings, Desert History I, Desert History II, Desert History III
Patrol Golem.png Patrol Golem Desert Desert Steel Sheet, Volcanic Stone, Magnetic Core, Magnetite, Empowering Crystal
Wanderer.png Wanderer A large green ghost with a single, bright orange eye. All
Wood Mimic.png Wood Mimic A mimic that pretends to be a Wood Chest until you approach it or attack it. All Mimic Egg, HP Potion III

Related achievements[]

Icon Name Description
Desert Apasionate.jpg Desert Apasionate Arrive to the third floor of the Desert Dungeon 10 times
Rage against the Desert.jpg Rage against the Desert Kill Desert Enemies 1000 Times
Archeologist.jpg Archeologist Read all Crazy Pete's notes
Special Place.jpg Special Place Arrive at Crazy Pete's Special Place

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