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The Dungeons in the game Moonlighter are set to be procedurally-generated.

The player explores the dungeons during the nights, when everyone else is sleeping. It is the perfect moment for shopkeepers, like Will, to gather loot: when the other heroes won’t notice an unexpected rival.

There are five dungeons in the game: four of them are always open to visitors, each more dangerous than the previous one. The last dungeon, can only be opened with the “keys” gathered in the other four, but that’s just a local legend, nobody knows what's behind the sealed door. They are located inside the village of Rynoka, everyone knows them and the village makes a living from them.

The first and second floor of each dungeon contain Minibosses, while the final fourth floor contains the dungeon Boss.


The Mini-Map shows you where you are in the dungeon and where you've been, including additional information like chests, secret rooms, monsters, and entrances to other rooms.

On each floor is an Abandoned Campsite and a Healing Pool room; each hold a note specific to that dungeon and are free of monster spawns. The campsite generally is a dead-end, but the pool is always on the way to the second floor, making it easy to tell if you're going the right way.

There are multiple Secret Rooms you can find by falling into the dark pits throughout the dungeon... Just look for a sparkle! If you have been in the secret room, it will show up on the Mini-Map as a question mark (?) on that room.

Key Map[]

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Golem DungeonGolem KingForest DungeonForest GuardianDesert DungeonDesert GuardianTech DungeonTech GuardianUnknown DungeonRynokaKey Map.png

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