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Enchantments come in two forms: damage upgrades applied at The Wooden Hat, and special weapon effects crafted into weapons at Vulcan's Forge. Special weapon effects are restricted to specific weapon tiers, and are crafted by taking the bottom crafting path.

Special Weapon Effects[]

All special weapon effects have a 50% chance to be applied to enemies with each hit. These effects do not stack, and must be reapplied after they wear off.

The confusion effect will interrupt an enemy's current action and force them to stand still for a set amount of time.

Special effects that deal damage do so in the form of damage over time. The damage dealt each tick is equal to 20% of the weapon's base damage. One tick of damage is applied immediately, with the rest being applied every 0.5 seconds.

Effect Name Weapon Tier Effect Duration Damage ticks Total bonus damage
Confusion 1 0.8 seconds - -
Venom 2 1.5 seconds 3 +60%
Burning 3 1.5 seconds 3 +60%
Electrifying 4 2.5 seconds 5 +100%

Generally speaking, weapons with special effects are on-par with their top crafting path counterparts. Their unique sets of pros and cons make the choice ultimately come down to player preference.

Top Path Bottom Path
  • Higher burst damage.
  • Familiars deal slightly more damage.
  • Higher damage potential.
  • Effects continue to damage enemies that are out of range.
  • Effects can easily be applied to bosses and enemies with high health bars.
  • Familiars do slightly less damage.
  • Crafting components tend to be rarer / more valuable.
  • Damage per tick is not increased by attacks that deal double damage.