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Combat is a core element of Moonlighter. There will be a very wide range of different enemies that will spawn randomly in all rooms, except the entrance, the Healing Pool, and the Abandoned Campsite.


Unlike other similar games, when the enemies spawn, the doors of the room will sometimes be kept open, so the player can keep walking and explore faster. If you leave a room before defeating the enemy, the enemy will have full health again when you come back to the room. If monsters are defeated they will not respawn, even if the player exits the room and enters again, giving the player the possibility of “cleaning” rooms and slowly taking control of that instance of the dungeon.

Chests will spawn randomly on rooms and the player will only be able to open them after defeating all the enemies in the room.

The loot that enemies drop on death will consist of parts of their bodies, or weapons and armors they are carrying.

At the end of each dungeon, the player will need to defeat a very tough boss that will drop a very valuable loot and unlock new possibilities for the player.

List of enemies[]

Appearance Monster Description Dungeon Drops
Wanderer.png Wanderer A large green ghost with a single, bright orange eye. All
Gold Mimic.png Gold Mimic A mimic that pretends to be a Gold Chest until you approach it or attack it. All
Iron Mimic.png Iron Mimic A mimic that pretends to be a Iron Chest until you approach it or attack it. All
Wood Mimic.png Wood Mimic A mimic that pretends to be a Wood Chest until you approach it or attack it. All
Cloth Tangle.png Cloth Tangle A variation of the Tangle wearing a piece of Fireproof Cloth over its body. Desert
Mother Golem.png Mother Golem Desert
Bard Puppet.png Bard Puppet Desert
Hexa.png Hexa Desert
Fire Slime.png Fire Slime A large slime that can engulf you. Desert
Lava Catapult.png Lava Catapult A dodecahedron that moves surprisingly fast and can open up to shoot globs of lava. Desert
Baby Fire Slime.png Baby Fire Slime Desert
Corrupted Hexa.png Corrupted Hexa A flying box that warps Desert
Katamari Golem.png Katamari Golem A giant rolling golem that resembles a stone soccer ball. Desert
Magician Puppet.png Magician Puppet Desert
Fire Puppet.png Fire Puppet Desert
Patrol Golem.png Patrol Golem Desert
Naja.png Naja A giant stone "snake" with a pointed head and a segmented body. Desert
Fruit Turret.png Fruit Turret Forest
Blade Tree.png Blade Tree A mobile tree stump with a large, razor sharp leaf on top, which it is capable of throwing at high speeds. Forest
Gardener.png Landscaper A tiny humanoid figure carrying an old sack on its back. Forest
Baby Poison Slime.png Baby Poison Slime A tiny orange slime with a single eye. Often appears in packs of 3 or more. Forest
Venomous Tangle.png Venomous Tangle An oversized variation of the Forest Tangle, covered in poisonous thorns and wields long vine whips. Forest
Mavu Tree.png Mavu Tree Forest
Poison Slime.png Poison Slime A large slime that can engulf you. Forest
Spore Bush.png Spore Bush Like a mutated cow with bushes on its back. Occasionally referred to as a "Mushroom Puppy". Forest
Forest Seeder.png Seeder Forest
Corrupted Mavu Tree.png Corrupted Mavu Tree Forest
Carnivorous Mutae.png Carnivorous Mutae A massive, bulbous plant with thorny vines and a pink and purple flower. Forest
Spinning Mushroom.png Spinning Mushroom A large orange mushroom resting on its cap. Forest
Forest Tangle.png Forest Tangle Forest
Wind Tree.png Wind Tree A tree sprite wielding a large green leaf, which it uses to knock enemies away. Forest
Golem Warrior.png Golem Warrior Golem
Slime.png Slime A large slime that can engulf you. Golem
Baby Slime.png Baby Slime A tiny slime with a single eye. Often appears in packs of 3 or more. Golem
Corrupted Golem Warrior.png Corrupted Golem Warrior The Corrupted Golem Warior is similar to the Golem Warrior from the 1st floor in its size, shape and attacks, but it has higher HP count and it has a new ability. Golem
Golem King.png The Golem King The Golem King is a giant boulder with a slime sticking out of its left side and a floating rock arm in its right. It also has a sort of scarf (fabric) on it. It's immobile, only staying in the top center of the stage. Golem
Broken Golem Turret.png Broken Golem Turret An old mossy turret whose limbs have broken, leaving it to rest in one place. Golem
Tangle.png Tangle The Tangle will zigzag in Will's direction until it dies. Golem
Stone Soldier.png Stone Soldier An ancient monster made of stone with a fabric cape that follows you as it swings its sword. Golem
Stone Butler.png Stone Butler A stone golem with a giant shield and a staff it uses to fire magical beams of light. Golem
Slime Gauntlet.png Slime Gauntlet A giant stone hand with a red slime base. Golem
Golem Turret.png Golem Turret A walking stone turret that moves around and shoots a stream of compressed water. Golem
Golem Head.png Golem Head A large, round, mossy stone with two beady eyes in the darkness of its face. Enjoys rolling directly into enemies: including you. Golem
Kamikaze Golem.png Golem Mine A small land-bound drone with a blinking red light. Golem
Flying Repair Golem.png Flying Repair Golem A small flying drone with three pincer claws it uses to pick up fallen loot. Golem
Flying Kamikaze Golem.png Flying Golem A small flying drone that swoops at the player. Golem
Energy Flux.png Energy Flux An orb made of electricity and plasma. Tech
Death Generator.png Death Generator Tech
Graaf Generator.png Graaf Generator Tech
Baby Electric Slime.png Baby Electric Slime A tiny blue slime with a single eye. Tech
Electric Post.png Electric Post Tech
Recharger.png Recharger A blue lightbulb on spider-like legs. Tech
Electromagnetic Ball.png Electromagnetic Ball A crackling ball of electromagnetic energy. Tech
Repair Drone.png Repair Drone A small floating drone that looks like its wearing a tiny life raft. Tech
Electric Slime.png Electric Slime A large slime that can engulf you. Tech
Tech Turret.png Tech Turret A metal monstrosity that wields a death ray. Tech
Tech Tangle.png Tech Tangle A slow blue monster that likes to zap you with lightning. Tech
Oscillator.png Oscillator Tech
Tank.png Tank A mechanical marvel that shoots bombs. Wanderer
Enraged Wanderer.png Enraged Wanderer An angry dimensional being with a single, bright orange eye. Wanderer
Evil Will.png Evil Will A shadowy doppleganger of what your alternate self. Wanderer
Vine Flower.png Vine Flower A harmless-looking plant that enjoys stealing items. Wanderer
Spike Chain.png Spike Chain A gladiator wielding a ball and chain with deadly efficiency. Wanderer
Dimensional Worm.png Dimensional Worm A collection of floating rocks reminiscent of the Golem Heads found in the Golem Dungeon. Its agile dimensional nature allows it to pierce through the dimensional rift and teleport. Wanderer
Golem Lobber.png Golem Lobber A floating Golem Head armed with an assortment of rocks it uses to attack. Wanderer
Ghost.png Ghost A ghost with an inner blue flame. Wanderer
Sand Swirl.png Sand Swirl A greenish orange flame that teleports to defend itself. Wanderer
Boomerang Skeleton.png Boomerang Skeleton A skeleton with a penchant for throwing body parts. Wanderer
Gas Suit.png Gas Suit A small monster wearing a gask mask and a yellow suit. Wanderer
Dual Weapon Skeleton.png Dual Weapon Skeleton A giant skeleton carrying a massive hammer and a big sword. Wanderer
Dimensional Wizard.png Dimensional Wizard A tiny person wielding the power of creation to devastating effect. Wanderer
Dual Wielding Skeleton.png Dual Wielding Skeleton A talented skeleton wielding a giant hammer and a sword. Wanderer
Giant Slime.png Giant Slime A giant red slime made of dozens of other, smaller slimes. Slimeception! Wanderer
Tech Soldier.png Tech Soldier A hovering metal behemoth with an electric aura and detachable hand. Wanderer
Corrupt Dimensional Watcher.png Corrupt Dimensional Watcher A rogue ICT member with a jetpack and a slime-powered shotgun. Wanderer

Related achievements[]

Icon Name Description
Savage!.jpg Savage! Kill a total of 10000 enemies
Rage against the Golems.jpg Rage against the Golems Kill Golem Enemies 1000 Times
Rage against the Forest.jpg Rage against the Forest Kill Forest Enemies 1000 Times
Rage against the Desert.jpg Rage against the Desert Kill Desert Enemies 1000 Times
Rage against the Machinery.jpg Rage against the Machinery Kill Tech Enemies 1000 Times