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Energy Flux
Energy Flux.png
Spawns in
Tech Dungeon
Appears on
Floor 4
An orb made of electricity and plasma.


It can only be at one of the eight metal screws (nodes) found near the edges of the arena. Its attacks are varied, and they deal a lot of damage. Ensure you have tier IV weapons and armor as well as a full stack of 5 HP Potion IV or even hyper potions before the fight.

The Energy Flux's attacks are as follows:

  • It covers most of the arena with electricity, causing damage if you stand on it. If it places the opening at a bad angle, it will immediately ruin a perfect run, requiring a restart.
  • It fires 2 bolts of lightning and rotates it around itself.
  • It fires a bolt of lightning and sweeps it across the entire arena.
  • It turns red and jumps in between nodes, causing damage if Will gets hit.
  • After every attack, it will disappear and reappear in another node.


  • When it turns red, a small stream of electricity is shown coming from the Energy Flux, showing which node it will jump to next.
  • Its lightning bolts sweep across the arena, so be ready to roll at any time
  • Be careful you don't fall off the edge of the arena.
  • Energy flux can be stunned.
  • Rolling into Energy Flux won't damage you but will push to you the nearest point on its circumference. This could potentially push you off the arena, or into its attacks.


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