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Flying Golem Familiar
Flying Golem Familiar.png
Auto-loot, Damage
Acquired From
Flying Golem Egg
Flying golem made to collect materials and repair golems with them.

Additional Info

Acquired by killing 10 Flying Repair Golems in the Golem Dungeon. As it can fly, it can navigate over pitfalls with ease. To attack, it will move up close to a monster and deal light damage to it after a few seconds. Damage dealt is proportional to your own.

When there are no more monsters in a room, it will begin picking up singular items and bringing them towards Will to pick up, even if your inventory is full. Once it has picked up an item and brought it to you, it will not pick it up again unless you are far enough away from it. If it has "fixated" on an item and you leave the room, it will follow you to the next room but then go back through the doorway to the other room and continue to do so until it either manages to bring you the item or it gets far enough away. Any items it picks up before you leave a room will be dropped at the entrance of the next room, where it will pick them up again and bring them to Will.

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