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ICT Trader
ICT Trader.png
A grouchy ICT official offering rare items in trade for materials found in the Dungeons.
300,000 Gold.png
unlock the 2nd teleport point in in the wanderer dungeon(?) of the Wanderer Dungeon.

The ICT trader is available day and night to trade, with his wished-for traded items changing every three days.


The trader has a unique shop in that you do not purchase items with gold; instead, each day he will offer up 1-3 of each item available in his shop and request a varying amount of a random material for each. You do not have to trade the amount requested and can increase or decrease the amount you wish to trade.

If you don't finish the trade with him and wish to back out, you will lose your chance to purchase that item for the day. Come back the next day to try again.