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Le Retailer
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Tired of looking for items in the Dungeons? Leave that job to others and come to Le Retailer, where you'll find the finest items in Rynoka. Le Retailer: because life's complicated enough.
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NG+ Price
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Le Retailer is one of the shops in Rynoka, run by Julien. All items sold here are ones that the player has already come across in the game, allowing them to be purchased without need to go back into a dungeon.


Le Retailer seems to be depicted as our competition while at the same time merchant can feel free to use his services, which are selling artifacts from dungeons that Will has acquired at least once. Of course, it's impossible to make a profit by selling wares bought at Le Retailer since their prices usually are 4.5x higher than the item's perfect price.

Le Retailer's Wares[]

Le Retailer is only open during the daytime. Check the individual item pages for prices. Bulk purchases of up to one stack ( 5 / 10 depending on the stack size limit of the item ) in recent patches, removing the limitation of purchasing one item at a time.

Related Achievements[]

Icon Name Description
Wastefull Merchant.jpg Wasteful Merchant Buy more than 10 items on Le Retailer


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