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Minibosses can be found at the end of the first and second floor of each dungeon. The regular version is found on the first floor, with the corrupted version found on the second floor. The corrupted version has a great deal more health and variations on the regular version's abilities.

List of Minibosses[]

Appearance Monster Dungeon
Hexa.png Hexa Desert
Corrupted Hexa.png Corrupted Hexa Desert
Corrupted Mavu Tree.png Corrupted Mavu Tree Forest
Mavu Tree.png Mavu Tree Forest
Corrupted Golem Warrior.png Corrupted Golem Warrior Golem
Golem Warrior.png Golem Warrior Golem
Oscillator.png Oscillator Tech
Dual Weapon Skeleton.png Dual Weapon Skeleton Wanderer
Evil Will.png Evil Will Wanderer
Dimensional Wizard.png Dimensional Wizard Wanderer
Corrupt Dimensional Watcher.png Corrupt Dimensional Watcher Wanderer
Giant Slime.png Giant Slime Wanderer