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Spawns in
Desert Dungeon
Appears on
Floor 4
A giant stone "snake" with a pointed head and a segmented body.


This boss has attacks that deals quite a bit of damage, so be sure to have tier III weapons and armor as well as a full stack of 5 HP Potion III before the fight. All 4 body parts must be destroyed before the head can be damaged. Naja will also constantly move around the map, so either use the bow to damage it or follow it constantly if you insist on using other weapons.

Each body segment has its own attacks. Each will attack one at a time, starting from the last part. The attacks from the first two body parts have a high velocity, so be ready to roll at all times.

  • The 4th body part (the part furthest from the head) marked with triangles spits out balls of lava that turns into puddles of lava when it hits the ground. Wearing the Anti-Fire Amulet will NOT protect you from this particular lava puddle.
  • The 3rd body part marked with squares spits out fire sprites that will follow Will and charge at him when they get close
  • The 2nd body part marked with rhombuses shoots out fireballs in a rotating 'arm' patters, similar to the Carnivorous Mutae, except the fireballs are much tighter, and there's no room to weave around it.
  • The 1st body part marked with circles shoots out a ring of fire in bursts of 2. The only way to avoid them is with a well-timed roll
  • The head part will charge at Will if he gets too close, stunning him if hit.
  • Occasionally, Naja will stop and all his body parts will shake. Then, all the body parts (that haven't been destroyed) will be launched out of Naja, bouncing off of walls and each other. The movements can be erratic, so pay attention to pieces that are on-screen and where they are going.
  • Naja's Perfect Achievement is hard to attain. Here are some tips to keep in mind when dealing with it.
    • Naja's Head will start to target you for a while once you destroy a body part. Its head turning speed is faster than you can roll, so roll in a direction that will make it rely on its forward speed. Stay away from the range of its head. It will immediately stop once it comes into contact with you.
    • Also, it seems that there's a bug in the game where Naja's head could still rotate after you've paused the game. Use this information to your advantage.
    • With that said, destroying the body part nearest the head using melee attacks is extremely dangerous. You will need to dodge away from the head once it is destroyed.
    • Naja's Body explodes when killed during the detached attack. If you are within range, it will damage you.
    • When Naja performs the detached body part attack, staying close to the head and maneuvering around it can protect you from the random movements of its body parts.
    • It is extremely difficult to evade a detached body part using the dodge's iFrames. Doing so will highly likely kill your run.
    • Here's the suggested body destruction priority since some body parts hugely affect the feasibility of your perfect run.
      • The fire sprites attack will follow you for quite a while. They'll stop after a duration, in which, they'll explode into a bullets that you'll need to dodge.
      • The ring of fire attack might lead you to dodge into the next ring when you are too near. It is still hard to dodge even if you've managed to roll away when you saw the attack signal.
      • The lava puddle attack leaves puddles that might cause you to step over them if you're not paying attention to the environment. Also, the lava puddle's hitbox is instatiated first before the lava puddle visual hits the ground. Be careful when it spits out lava. It is extremely fast over long distances. If you're far enough not to see the Naja, you might get surprised by this attack.
      • The rotating arm of fire attack is the most manageable since its just a rotating arm of fire. However, the body also turns when the Naja turns, so the rotation speed increases when it turns.
      • The head can't be attacked until all the body parts are destroyed. Obviously, it'll be the last thing you destroy.

After all 4 body parts are destroyed, the head part will be stunned and vulnerable to damage. If you fail to destroy it while it's stunned, it will enrage, constantly charging at Will.

  • Bring the right weapon to the fight; This boss is very mobile
    • Using Big Swords can be viable if you can get close enough and swing fast enough before Naja moves. Since each individual body parts has its own health, you can damage more than one body part with every swing.
    • Using the Swords and Shields, Spears, or Gloves can be viable if you can constantly follow Naja around the arena.
    • Bows are recommended; since Naja always moves around, you likely won't be in melee range most of the time


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