Pirate Big Sword +1
Pirate Big Sword.png
Big Sword
A weapon made out of the same materials as the five Rynoka dungeons. The fluid in it absorbs the elements from the different slimes in the dungeons.
~ Description

Pirate Big Sword +1 is a tier 1 weapon.

Crafting & Acquisition

Crafting & Acquisition
25,749 Gold.png
Rune Tool.png Rune Tool +1 (5)
Golem Chisel.png Golem Chisel +1 (5)
Broken Sword.png Broken Sword +1 (1)
Le Retailer 115,870 Gold.png
Drops from Unknown if this drops from a monster.
Lootable from

Used to Craft


Damage Increase
Base +1244
+ +1757
++ Unknown
+++ Unknown

Selling & Reactions

Low Popularity.png
Neutral Popularity.png
High Popularity.png
Cheap Sell.png
Perfect Sell.png Unknown Unknown Unknown
Expensive Sell.png Unknown Unknown Unknown
Overpriced Sell.png Unknown Unknown Unknown
Mirror.png Unknown

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