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This comes with the Shop Level 2 shop upgrade. Allows Will to take on quests for his customers. You can only receive one quest per day, with up to three quests active at any given time.

Accepting Quests[]

You may notice that upon upgrading your shop, there is now a blue cloth and a white cloth on either side of your cash register. Customers will occasionally approach the counter without an item, standing on the right side in front of the white cloth.

When Will approaches them, there will be an option to Talk. Pressing the corresponding keybind will pause the game and open the Quest interface.

Quest Types[]


Requires Will to bring back a certain amount of a specific item. It does not tell you where the items can be found, so you may need to reference your Merchant Notebook.


Requires Will to kill 10 of a specific enemy and collect notes from them. The Notes do take up inventory space, so you'll need to manage that. It does not tell you where these enemies can be found however so you may need to do some serious dungeon diving to find them.

Appearance Monster Dungeon Floor
Bard Puppet.png Bard Puppet Desert Dungeon Second floor and up
Blade Tree.png Blade Tree Forest Dungeon Second floor and up
Cloth Tangle.png Cloth Tangle Desert Dungeon All floors
Death Generator.png Death Generator Tech Dungeon
Electric Post.png Electric Post Tech Dungeon
Electromagnetic Ball.png Electromagnetic Ball Tech Dungeon
Fire Puppet.png Fire Puppet Desert Dungeon
Flying Kamikaze Golem.png Flying Golem Golem Dungeon Second floor and up
Flying Repair Golem.png Flying Repair Golem Golem Dungeon
Forest Seeder.png Seeder Forest Dungeon
Forest Tangle.png Forest Tangle Forest Dungeon
Fruit Turret.png Fruit Turret Forest Dungeon
Gardener.png Landscaper Forest Dungeon
Golem Turret.png Golem Turret Golem Dungeon All floors
Kamikaze Golem.png Golem Mine Golem Dungeon
Katamari Golem.png Katamari Golem Desert Dungeon All floors
Lava Catapult.png Lava Catapult Desert Dungeon All floors
Magician Puppet.png Magician Puppet Desert Dungeon
Mother Golem.png Mother Golem Desert Dungeon Second floor and up
Patrol Golem.png Patrol Golem Desert Dungeon Second floor and up
Recharger.png Recharger Tech Dungeon
Spinning Mushroom.png Spinning Mushroom Forest Dungeon
Spore Bush.png Spore Bush Forest Dungeon All floors
Stone Butler.png Stone Butler Golem Dungeon Second floor and up
Stone Soldier.png Stone Soldier Golem Dungeon All floors
Tech Tangle.png Tech Tangle Tech Dungeon
Tech Turret.png Tech Turret Tech Dungeon
Venomous Tangle.png Venomous Tangle Forest Dungeon All floors
Wind Tree.png Wind Tree Forest Dungeon All floors

Turning in Quests[]

Will has 3 days from the day he accepted the quest to complete it (the number of days can be increased with decorations however) and, on the day it is due, Will will need to open The Moonlighter for business (having your Shop Assistant selling things does not suffice) so that the customer can collect. The customer who made the request will come in shortly after the shop opens and approach the white cloth again. Speak with them and hand over the items to complete the quest.

The items they request do not need to be in your inventory; they will collect them even if they are in a chest, but not if they are on a sales table.


Upon completion, you will receive a specified sum of gold. For fetch quests, the sum should be greater than what you would receive by selling (requires confirmation).


If you do not have the requested items or fail to open the shop on the day the quest is due, it will be marked as failed in your calendar.