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Rynoka Angled View.png

Rynoka is the main village in the game Moonlighter. Rynoka is a small commercial town near an access to the dungeons. All the lifestyle of the village is closely related to the wealth obtained from the ones that wander into the dungeons. We wanted Rynoka to feel like a quiet, friendly and safe place in contrast to the permanent aggression of the dungeons. Inside Rynoka Will finds everything he needs to progress in the game: his shop, the other shops, some NPCs (like merchants that visit the town) and the access to the dungeons.

Will can attack the trees scattered throughout the town to acquire gold randomly.

Interactive Map[edit | edit source]

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The Wooden Hat; sells potions and enchants gearThe Hawker; sells decorations for the MoonlighterVulcan's Forge; sells armor and weaponsThe Moonlighter; Will's shopThe Farm; where your Familiars hatch and growLe Retailer; can buy dungeon drops at exorbitant pricesThe Banker; play with investments for a chance to get richPath that leads to the DungeonsPath that leads to the DungeonsThe Town Board, where Will can request expansions and Town VendorsMap of Rynoka Small.png

Locations List[edit | edit source]