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Skeletons of fallen Heroes and long ago explorers. Their remains may hold unknown wealth or better weapons.

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There are different variations of skeletons, which can allude to what it could potentially be holding. Each dungeon drops weapons a tier lower than it and all weapons from the dungeons previous to it, so the Golem Dungeon drops Tier 0 weapons, while the Tech Dungeon drops Tier 0-3 weapons. The Wanderer Dungeon does not drop weapons; instead, it drops different tiers of potions depending on what floor you're on.


Dungeon Items
Golem Dungeon HP Potion I, Training Short Sword, Training Big Sword, Training Spear, Training Gloves, Training Bow, Broken Club, Broken Sling, Broken Mace
Forest Dungeon HP Potion II, Soldier Short Sword, Rusty Short Sword, Buster Big Sword, Rock Big Sword, Warrior Spear, Golem Drill Spear, Fighter Gloves, Rough Gloves, Hunter Bow, Catapult Bow, Broken Rapier, Broken Katana
Desert Dungeon HP Potion III, Knight Short Sword, Venom Short Sword, Wild Big Sword, Toxic Big Sword, Wood's Spear, Venom Sting Spear, Forest Spirit Gloves, Venom Twins Gloves, Natural Bow, Poison Bow, Broken Morningstar, Broken Crossbow
Tech Dungeon HP Potion IV, Commander Short Sword, Reborn Short Sword, Vulcan Big Sword, Blaze Big Sword, Monkey Spear, Hell Spear, Captain Gloves, Flame Gloves, Soldier Bow, Flamethrower Bow, Broken Dagger
Wanderer Dungeon HP Potion V, HP Potion VI, HP Potion VII, HP Potion VIII, Hyper Potion

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