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Slime Alchemist
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A slimy dimensional traveller with the power to create special items using Slime Chunks.
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Accessible on each floor of the Wanderer Dungeon, in varying capacity.

For the final boss of the Wanderer Dungeon, see The Wanderer.


You can purchase potions from the Alchemist at the end of each floor, with the type of potion available dependent on the floor you're on. These cost slime chunks and gold, and have a maximum craft limit of 5 per floor.

Trick Weapons[]

If you acquire a blueprint from one of the Slime Chests, you can trade it with slime chunks to craft the weapon and unlock it for crafting on subsequent dungeon dives. The cost to craft increases the further you proceed into the dungeon, but you also acquire even more powerful weapons. These weapons disappear once you leave the dungeon and must be recrafted if you wish to use them again.

You can only purchase weapons on the even floors.


Shortcuts can be purchased on every even floor that will allow you to reenter the dungeon from the start of that floor. It requires increasing amounts of gold and slime chunks while also requiring a specific amount of unique cursed items. These shortcuts are permanent for that playthrough after purchase.

Floor Gold Cost Slime Cost Cursed Items
2 120,000 Gold.png 60 Slime Chunks.png 2
4 240,000 Gold.png 120 Slime Chunks.png 2
6 480,000 Gold.png 240 Slime Chunks.png 2
8 960,000 Gold.png 480 Slime Chunks.png 2