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The Sword and Shield is one of the weapon types in the game Moonlighter.

The sword and shield is a medium damage weapon with a defensive option of using the shield to block attacks. While there is a bit of time after the swing animation to be able to roll away, Will can put his shield up almost instantly after an attack ends.

Will can also move while holding his shield, allowing him to move into position without the risk of getting damaged, but he cannot change direction. It would be best to roll away from an enemy if you place your shield in the wrong direction. After taking some hits, the shield will stop blocking and Will will be pushed back a large distance, and can even take damage if the hit is big enough.

If Will puts up his shield at the same time as making contact with an enemy, a parry can occur that will push the enemy back.

Normal Attack:

  • Hit 1: A slash that arcs in front of Will.
  • Hit 2: The same slash from Hit 1 going the other direction.
  • Finisher: A slash going the same direction as Hit 1, with double damage and extra knockback.

Each hit moves Will the same amount.

Special Attack:

Will puts up his shield while the button is being held in. Will cannot attack until the shield is away, but he can roll as soon as the shield button is let go. Use this to escape hits you won't be able to block. His shield can take two hits before Will leaps back from the impact.


  • Each enchantment requires 3 Empowering Crystals
  • It costs 1,000 gold to enchant the Training Short Sword (3,000 gold total and 9 Empowering Crystals to get to "+++")
  • It costs 16,000 gold to enchant a Tier 1 weapon (48,000 gold total to get to "+++")
  • It costs 32,000 gold to enchant a Tier 2 weapon (96,000 gold total)
  • It costs 64,000 gold to enchant a Tier 3 weapon (192,000 gold total)
  • It costs 128,000 gold to enchant a Tier 4 weapon (384,000 gold total)

List of Swords[]

Icon Weapon Name Tier Base Damage Damage + Damage ++ Damage +++ Path Special
Training Short Sword.png Training Short Sword 0 20 27 34 41 -
Soldier Short Sword.png Soldier Short Sword 1 50 74 98 122 Top
Rusty Short Sword.png Rusty Short Sword 1 40 64 88 112 Bottom Stun
Knight Short Sword.png Knight Short Sword 2 150 175 200 225 Top
Venom Short Sword.png Venom Short Sword 2 110 135 160 185 Bottom Poison
Commander Short Sword.png Commander Short Sword 3 250 276 302 328 Top
Reborn Short Sword.png Reborn Short Sword 3 175 201 227 253 Bottom Burn
King Short Sword.png King Short Sword 4 400 431 462 493 Top
Vampire Short Sword.png Vampire Short Sword 4 300 331 362 393 Bottom Shock

Between Dimensions DLC[]

The Between Dimensions DLC adds 5 new swords and shields to the game. These become available to craft after defeating the boss of the Unknown Dungeon, with their recipes located below the other swords and shields.

Icon Weapon Name Base Damage
Ether Sable.png Ether Sable 620
Ether Sable II 960
Ether Sable III 1488
Ether Sable IV 2300
Ether Sable V 3500

Nintendo Switch Exclusive[]

The Nintendo Switch port of the game includes an exclusive sword and shield set. Each upgrade level has identical stats to the top-path swords and shields of the same tier. This means that they are functionally reskins.

Icon Weapon Name Tier Base Damage Damage + Damage ++ Damage +++
Hero's Sword.png Hero's Sword 1 50 74 98 122
Hero's Sword II 2 150 175 200 225
Hero's Sword III 3 250 276 302 328
Hero's Sword IV 4 400 431 462 493

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