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Tech Dungeon is one of the Dungeons in the game Moonlighter. It is the fourth Dungeon.

This dungeon contains three floors followed by the Technology Guardian boss fight. Once the Technology Guardian has been defeated for the first time, the Unknown Dungeon behind the mysterious 5th Door will be opened to the player.

This may be a bug, but unlike the other dungeons which can occasionally spawn a single room of the next dungeon, the Tech Dungeon can spawn a single Forest Dungeon room, although very rare.


Appearance Monster Description Dungeon Tech Drops
Baby Electric Slime.png Baby Electric Slime A tiny blue slime with a single eye. Tech Electric Jelly, Rich Jelly, Tesla Baby Slime Egg
Death Generator.png Death Generator Tech Welding Rods, Energy Capacitor, Tesla Coil Engine, Wires
Electric Post.png Electric Post Tech Tesla Coil Engine, Conductor Metal, Broken Battery, Welding Rods, Empowering Crystal, Mercury
Electric Slime.png Electric Slime A large slime that can engulf you. Tech Electric Jelly, Rich Jelly
Electromagnetic Ball.png Electromagnetic Ball A crackling ball of electromagnetic energy. Tech Wires, Crystal Shards, Broken Battery
Energy Flux.png Energy Flux An orb made of electricity and plasma. Tech AC Adapter, Flux Energy Jottings, Tech History I, Tech History II, Tech History III
Gold Mimic.png Gold Mimic A mimic that pretends to be a Gold Chest until you approach it or attack it. All Mimic Egg, HP Potion IV
Graaf Generator.png Graaf Generator Tech Graaf Generator Egg, Energy Capacitor, Tesla Coil Engine, Wires
Iron Mimic.png Iron Mimic A mimic that pretends to be a Iron Chest until you approach it or attack it. All Mimic Egg, HP Potion IV, Welding Gun, Triple Cell Battery
Oscillator.png Oscillator Tech Triple Cell Battery, Wires, Copper Reel, Wolfram Rock
Recharger.png Recharger A blue lightbulb on spider-like legs. Tech Recharger Egg, Broken Battery, Tesla Coil Engine
Repair Drone.png Repair Drone A small floating drone that looks like its wearing a tiny life raft. Tech Broken Battery, Conductor Metal, Welding Rods
Tech Tangle.png Tech Tangle A slow blue monster that likes to zap you with lightning. Tech Wires, Broken Battery, Crystal Shards
Tech Turret.png Tech Turret A metal monstrosity that wields a death ray. Tech Plastic Film, Mercury, Gold Strands
Wanderer.png Wanderer A large green ghost with a single, bright orange eye. All
Wood Mimic.png Wood Mimic A mimic that pretends to be a Wood Chest until you approach it or attack it. All Mimic Egg, HP Potion IV


In the Tech Dungeon, there are a couple of ways to learn about the Dungeons and how they came about or what can be found in them. One is through logs found at the Hot Springs that are usually one or two levels behind the mini-boss fought to go up another level. The other is through Crazy Pete's notes found at his campsites, where he jotted down information he found out whilst adventuring before his death.

Hot Spring Logs[]

Sentinels have reported bizarre positional errors as of late. Their reported locations do not match their assigned routes. It is as if they are being teleported all over the place.
~ Hot Spring Logs, Floor 1

Upon further inspection, the registered positional errors appear to be associated with dimensional rift energy. But how? We are decades away from perfecting that tech.
~ Hot Spring Logs, Floor 2

I saw it with my own eyes... Upon exiting Lab 105, the door became covered in this green slime. Examination proved it to be a perfect housing for dimensional energy!
~ Hot Spring Logs, Floor 3

Crazy Pete's Notes[]

This Orange Creature continues to lurk around the Guardians. There must be something particularly specialabout them. If I were a gamblin man... And I am in a Dungeon with creatures that could potentially end one's life... So... Yeah... I'm a gamblin man. I would say these Guardians are linked to that 5th Door Outside Rynoka. I mean... 4 Guardians... 4 strange shapes along the door... Basic math..? Perhaps that Orange Creature knows more. It seems to have noticed I have noticed it anyways. Confrontation of some sort is inevitable now!
~ Crazy Pete, Tech Notebook
Heroes and Merchants. One "cool". One "not as cool?"... They really are two sides to the same coin. But I guess it's impossible to see both sides of the same coin at once... Unless you have a mirror! Or two coins... Perhaps they will see they are not so different one day. On that day... I hope these Dungeons relinquish their secrets...
~ Crazy Pete, Tech Notebook
Guardians! Not to be confused with Guards. NOPE. Guards - small. Guardians - GIANT! Giant creatures at the bottom of the Dungeons in front of GIANT chests. I have to get past a single one... No one has... I don't think anyone else has even seen the Desert & Tech Guardians. That honor is all mine! One point to the one they call Crazy Pete! ... I do wonder what treasures lay hidden behind them though. That strange Orange Creature seems to only be interested in the Guardians...
~ Crazy Pete, Tech Notebook

Related achievements[]

Icon Name Description
Tech Apasionate.jpg Tech Apasionate Arrive to the third floor of the Tech Dungeon 10 times
Rage against the Machinery.jpg Rage against the Machinery Kill Tech Enemies 1000 Times
Archeologist.jpg Archeologist Read all Crazy Pete's notes
Special Place.jpg Special Place Arrive at Crazy Pete's Special Place

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