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The Golem King
Golem King.png
Spawns in
Golem Dungeon
Appears on
Floor 3
The Golem King is a giant boulder with a slime sticking out of its left side and a floating rock arm in its right. It also has a sort of scarf (fabric) on it. It's immobile, only staying in the top center of the stage.


It's recommended that you have tier I weapons and armor as well as a full stack of 5 HP Potion I before the fight. The Golem King is a fairly straight-forward fight. He has three main avenues of attack:

  • He will smash his stone hand to the ground, causing rocks to fall in either a pattern or at random. The rocks will not damage Will after they've fallen, but will persist until the next attack.
  • His Jelly hand will target Will before shooting at him, then makes fast sweeping attacks across the field.
  • His stone hand flies up above Will before smashing the ground and hitting the player.
  • In between each attacks, the Golem King emits a blue nova from around his base, knocking Will back and preventing the player from keeping up a constant close-range attack.

  • To avoid his stone hand, keep an eye out for the shadow that will show when these attacks will land.
  • His Jelly hand can be dodged by rolling or simply tanked.
  • The recommended weapon in this fight are gloves (to do damage quickly before the nova knock you away).


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Dungeon Items
Golem Dungeon Golem History IGolem History IIGolem History IIIGolem King Amulet +1Golem King Energy CrystalGolem King Jottings


Additional Info

Upon defeat, the boss itself will drop three ‘Golem King Energy Crystals’. In addition, a large Blue Chest behind the Golem King will be unlocked. It contains a collection of high-value Golem culture items. Once the boss is beaten, the player will receive a key to the fifth door and trigger the related cut scene. The boss can only be defeated once.

Related achievements

Icon Name Description
Overthrow the king!.jpg Overthrow the king! Defeat the Golem King
Perfect Golem King.jpg Perfect Golem King Perfect Golem King


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