Disambig.png This article is about the regular game version of this item. For the New Game + version, see Training Short Sword +1.
Training Short Sword
Training Short Sword.png
Sword and Shield
With sword in hand and shield in the other, this combination strikes a perfect balance between attack and defense.
~ Description

Training Short Sword is a tier 0 weapon. Given to the player by Zenon after the tutorial.

Crafting & Acquisition

Crafting & Acquisition
1,000 Gold.png
Teethstone.png Teethstone (10)
Foundry Rests.png Foundry Rests (4)
Iron Bar.png Iron Bar (6)
Drops From
Unknown if this drops from a monster.
Lootable From
Golem Dungeon Skeletons
Other Rarely by smashing Skeletons in the Golem Dungeon.

Used to Craft


Damage Increase
Base +20
+ +27
++ +34
+++ +41

Selling & Reactions

Low Popularity.png
Neutral Popularity.png
High Popularity.png
Cheap Sell.png 674 Gold.png 899 Gold.png 899 Gold.png
Perfect Sell.png 825 Gold.png 1,100 Gold.png 1,350 Gold.png
Expensive Sell.png 863 Gold.png 1,150 Gold.png 1,400 Gold.png
Overpriced Sell.png 864+ Gold.png 1,151+ Gold.png 1,401+ Gold.png
Mirror.png 250-350 Gold.png

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