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Items included on this page are only available if you own the DLC Between Dimensions.

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Trick weapons are special weapons only found in the Wanderer Dungeon, although it is possible to acquire them in the previous dungeons if you find a portal to the Wanderer Dungeon while inside it. These weapons each have a new special ability that allows Will to consume his health in order to use them. They come with a unique curse that destroys them upon leaving the current dungeon (or dying). The only way to keep them legitimately is to complete the dlc and you will get them.


Sword and Shield Big Sword Spear Gloves Bow
Bone Sword Attack faster Morning Star Cause AoEs every 3rd attack Staff Spear Shoots fire balls Ghost Gloves Attack faster Composite Bow Shoot faster
Spore Sword Shoot projectiles Mechanic Big Sword Attacks faster and does electric damage Gas Spear Shoot poisonous gas clouds Thief Gauntlet Cause items to drop Explosive Bow Launch AoE projectiles