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A picture of the player character, Will. This shows his in-game sprite facing all 4 cardinal directions.

Will - The player character.

The player character and protagonist, Will is the main character of the game Moonlighter.

Born into a merchant family, the story focuses around Will's desire to become a hero more than just being a merchant. Since childhood, Will has shown interest in becoming a Hero, however, as the only son of well-known family of Merchants, he was forced to abandon his dream of becoming a Hero, and quietly accepts the ways of being a Merchant.

Time flies by and years passed quickly, Will eventually inherits the shop as his parents passed away of old age.

As the last living member of his family, he dutifully runs the shop in the game, The Moonlighter.

However, he finally makes a push and pursues his longtime interest of becoming a Hero by delving in the dungeons found at the outskirts of Rynoka Village, and thus begins his journey to becoming the first Hero-Merchant.



  • Will's grandfather was a friend of Zenon
  • Tomo is Will's childhood friend that appears in the intro when they were kids sword-fighting with wooden swords.

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