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Zenon is a character in the game Moonlighter. As a protector of sorts and a guide for Will, he serves as a parental figure for the young Will after his parents passed away from old age. Always worrying about Will's adventurous personality, he will always come check on Will after each Boss defeated. He also serves as your guide during the Tutorial.


Start of the game[]

Boy, Rynoka has seen better days. When your grandpa first opened Moonlighter... People from all over the lands would come to visit the shop. The hustle and bustle was constant, but now...

If you insist on diving deeper into the Golem Dungeon... Please, Will. Make sure to buy some better armor. Andrei over at Vulcan's Forge is actually very talented.

Your grandpa was a great friend of mine. You take after him in so many ways. His stubbornness definitely being one of them.

Boy, you keep coming back injured. Visit the Wooden Hat. Eris over there can brew potions and enchant your current gear.

I've noticed more foot traffic through Moonlighter. How are sales? Are your customers happy? Offering the perfect price was always a strength of your family.

Have you thought about purchasing some new equipment for Moonlighter? A catalog of available shop equipment an be found over on the Town Board. It's just to the right of the new shop section.

After killing the Golem King[]


It was you, wasn't it Will? The one who defeated the Golem King? Boy, you put yourself in such unnecessary danger....


A lock on the door opened? Maybe Pete was on to something... Regardless. Just leave it. That door isn't worth your life. Pete didn't heed our warnings and... well.

Due to the buzz your "heroics" are creating, the town has decided to reopen the Forest Dungeon. But with the Golem King dead by your hands, now is a great time to focus on the Moonlighter.

Take advantage of this momentum to expand the shop a bit. The Town Board should show what contractors are available. A somewhat strange looking traveler is looking to set up shop in town as well. He specializes in crafting odd ornaments and such. Could make for some great decorations once you expand.

And finally. Andrei over at the Vulcan's Forge is preparing some new gear.. He predicts an influx of materials from the Forest Dungeon to occur. As people become more brazen due to your recent actions... Go there. See what he can offer. I won't have your demise on my shoulders, boy.


You are a Merchant, Will. Not a Hero. Leave things such as the Guardians to the naive and foolhardy.

Heed the advice of an old man, Will. Only trouble will come from this tomfoolery.

Get moving, boy. Moonlighter won't run itself.

Campfire Talk[]

On the path to the Dungeons, there is a campfire on the right side. At night, Zenon will appear here, offering to share stories with Will, depending on how far he is in the story so far.

The following quotes are the stories Zenon tells Will in the order "unlocked".

Ah. Something of much contention. If they were not closed, maybe Rynoka would never have fallen into such despair. It was the deaths of the Heroes, mainly. Merchants were never foolish enough to venture further than they could manage, but those Heroes... they were a bit more headstrong, more apt to dive without potions. Very few of them carried Pendants as well. So if they fell, they never came out...
~ Zenon, on the topic of Dungeons closed!

Me? Oh, who wants to know anything about this old grouch? I was a Merchant. Just as you are. Just like your grandfather. I ran a more humble shop than your grandfather's Moonlighter though. He was the ambitious one. I just needed enough for the pub each night, but he wanted more. More for his daughter. More for his grandson. On his passing, I promised to look after you. And that has kept me plenty busy these past couple years.
~ Zenon, on the topic of Zenon

The lands outside Rynoka? I guess you haven't traveled much, boy. To be honest, neither have I. I came to Rynoka as a young lad and have not left much since. The lands surrounding us are your standard affair. The Crater is the closest landmark. It was formed during a war between the various kingdoms surrounding Rynoka. After that, both kingdoms ordered a ceasefire. Soon after, Rynoka was discovered. And there never was a greater distraction to warring states.
~ Zenon, on the topic of Near lands

Your mother was an angel. She was so quick to love. Even as a child, she would take care of everyone. She brought a mutt home one night during a storm of biblical nature. It was a pathetic looking creature. Drenched and half-starved. Your grandfather wanted nothing to do with it, but one look at your mother and he caved. That mutt became Duke. He was your mother's partner in crime for years to come. Camila and Duke...
~ Zenon, on the topic of Mother

A scoundrel! At least, that is what your grandfather would say. Your father was a good man, a great man really. But his charm did steal your mother from your grandfather. The sad fate of all fathers... But yes, Will. Your father was a man of his word. He assisted in running Moonlighter with your mother as if it was his own. Times were tough at the end. They are tough now. But your father and mother were a team. Through it all, they were a team.
~ Zenon, on the topic of Father

Your entire life has been spent in Rynoka, boy. What do you wish to know? Before your time? The birth of Rynoka? That was a crazy time. Once the Dungeons were discovered, people flocked from every land. Rynoka quickly became the most diverse town in existence. Gold just flowed into your pockets. And everyone walked around with a smile. It was a town far different than it is now...
~ Zenon, on the topic of Rynoka

Oh. You want to know more about that stubborn grandfather of yours? He, I, and even Crazy Pete, would often sit at this fire at night. He sat right where you are now, actually. The three of us would discuss the day's lows and highs. I remember the night your grandfather dropped his pack, lit a cigar, and just sat in silence with a grin on his face. After an awkward silence, he told us: "My daughter had a son today."
~ Zenon, on the topic of Grandfather

Tomo, eh? Why would you want to know more about her, my boy? *wink* Well, as you know, she is a kind girl, albeit a bit strange... Her parents left earlier this year to travel and document other parts of the world. They left her here alone on the promise that she would never travel past the second floor of the Golem Dungeon. She grew up as an ever-curious girl. Always wanting to explore. She has broken her parents' rule more than once or twice, I'm sure. It's funny. She was asking about you just yesterday...
~ Zenon, on the topic of Tomo

A fool... but a dear friend. They called him Crazy Pete because he didn't Dungeon dive for treasure or glory. His prize was information. In a time where people wanted to get rich or have their heads bashed in, Pete just wanted to know what the Dungeons were. He would spend days in those Dungeons. Wherever he is now, I hope he is at peace... Be well, my friend.
~ Zenon, on the topic of Crazy Pete

This is a point of contest for many. A man by the name of Diego, a son of a high-ranking official in a nearby kingdom, was held accountable for their discovery while on a scouting mission. It wasn't him that stumbled upon them, though: it was a young scout who had disobeyed orders and abandoned his post for the night. It was he who actually came across the Dungeons, but the narrative was quickly shifted to favor the privileged...
~ Zenon, on the topic of Discovered Dungeons

Your parents... Your father would go into the Dungeons to gather artifacts, while your mother would operate the shop. He would be the first to tell you he wasn't the best fighter. One evening, he was pushing himself too far. Wanting to put a little extra food on the table, his luck ran out. Leaving you and your mother to this world... I'm so sorry, Will. He was a good man. A good father.
~ Zenon, on the topic of Father's death

A little over a year ago now... It was an illness that took her. She was pushing herself too hard. After your father's death, she had to Dungeon dive as well as run the shop to provide for you. She never fully recovered from your father's death. And eventually her heart gave from the strain of everything. She passed quietly, with you and the townspeople at her bedside. She loved you, boy. Possibly too much. Please don't waste her love, Will. You must pace yourself.
~ Zenon, on the topic of Mother's death

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